About me

My interest in design started when I chose “product design” as one of my options at secondary school, and since then it’s been a driving force throughout my education. And though I know that I have some critical weaknesses with this subject, for example; my sketching and presentation skills, I’m still tremendously passionate about this subject and continuously work to improve myself. I believe that my strongest skills are my research and development skills, which I feel are also critically important to a well-balanced product designer, this is most likely due to the amount of time I spend reading books. Reading is by far my favorite pass time; I have always found it to be a relaxing and enjoyable hobby, especially when combined with music. My current favorite bands are the Veronica’s, Sum 41 and Rise against. I also enjoy watching films and always try to  catch the latest film in while it’s still in the cinema, one of my current favorites is Prometheus. Now that I am finally at Salford University, I feel as though I have taken a large step towards my goal. My dream design job would be to design anti-crime products or work for a brand name technology company like Sony. (But not apple) starting the first year on the product design course I am looking forward to meeting new people and learning as much as I can about design techniques and how design works in industry.